Campaign Management

Principled has more than 30 State, Federal and local government election campaigns under its belt for progressive candidates, as well as national and state campaigns for progressive causes.  We have a capacity to keep a team working together and stay focussed on the pathway to success.


By using primary and secondary research, you will receive a campaign strategy and allied plan which will be assured to give you the best possible result. Modern and traditional tactics will be integrated into the campaign, the results of which are measurable.  A detailed SWOT analysis is the first step in the development of the plan, with stages accompanied by measurable outcomes and evaluation.


Social media, websites, blogs, media outlets.  The audience and the ways to reach them has grown more and more diverse in recent years.  That means you need a firm which has the grasp of the technologies and how to use them, without charging a premium for their use.  While new technologies have made the management and running of campaigns ‘open source’, they’ve also broadened the channels of communication, the markets and the media.  We partner with the best in digital agencies as well as using new communications technologies as a front line in every strategy – not as an afterthought.


We partner with some of the most experienced social researchers in Australia to make sure that our strategies and tactics are informed by the best.  We use traditional focus groups and online, over-time methodology for qualitative research and a mix of online, automated and traditional contact for quantitative. All primary research is based on a solid foundation of secondary research, integral to understanding our clients better.


We can get it done for you.  Be it a media release, a newsletter, magazine, website or any other collateral, leave it with us and you will get a first class result at a competitive cost.

Government Relations

The days of long lunches and whispered favours are long gone, and that’s a good thing.  Our government relations offer is built around our intimate understanding of government and how we can leverage all tools out our disposal to get the result our client needs.  That means we run a campaign on the client’s behalf to get a result, and this takes a whole of offer strategy and tactical delivery across multiple channels.