ProsperityWe are working towards convincing Australian Governments to implement a mandatory, statutory registration scheme for engineers for Professionals Australia. Two jurisdictions have indicated they will establish a scheme, while we have enlisted the support of major unions and contractors.  It was considered by the Business Regulation and Competition Working Group of COAG (BRCWG), and was put forward by the Commonwealth as a potential area for future economic reform.  In Victoria, the government is moving towards a new registration model following commitments in policy, while the ACT has also made supportive public statements.  while doing so, we worked with Professionals Australia to develop their own accredited registration scheme, RPEng, a new scheme which has seen nearly 1000 engineers sign-up in just two years.  The website, By-laws all collateral for RPEng and the Professional Engineer’s division website were all completed by Principled.

As part of this process, we have helped to develop a new framework for membership and a new way to offer membership, adding services and making the ‘journey’ a seamless one.  Check it out here.